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Our emerging IT/data analytics practice is a response to the need, expressed by many of our nonprofit clients, for a partner who brings both sophisticated hard skills and a deep understanding of the context in which nonprofits operate.

We start with a clear purpose.
What are you hoping to learn - and why? What are the strategic priorities of your organization? How do the elements of that strategy relate to one another?

We build on path-breaking impact measurement research conducted across the world.
What frameworks make sense in your context? How might data systems support your strategic goals? What might you be able to accomplish with data on your side?

Our learnings are synthesized in reports and dashboards that fit your existing processes.
How will these tools impact work on a daily basis? What would you do differently if you had more information?

what our analytics engagements look like
Mississippi Museum of Art
As a recipient of a coveted Ford BUILD grant, the Mississippi Museum of Art sought to transform its data operations from top to bottom. Brocade partnered with the museum to develop a target entity relationship diagram and roadmap for the transformation. In parallel, we partnered with the leadership team to develop a tailored impact measurement tool for the organization.

Legal Services Corporation of Virginia
Looking to understand the disparities in legal outcomes for each of their client communities, Virginia's statewide legal services provider retained Brocade to dive deep into their historical data. Through a rigorous analysis of quantitative and qualitative data, we identified specific areas to target for improvement as a part of a statewide diversity, equity, and inclusion action plan.

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