We collaborate with purpose-driven organizations, using creative facilitation, strategy, analytics, and interpretative planning to address problems that matter.

A Statement of Solidarity
Brocade strives to be an anti-racist organization.

As we actively pursue a responsible way to internally measure progress on that commitment, we practice a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination, hate speech, and racism in any form. This includes our team, our contractors, and our clients.

We stand with our Richmond, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia communities, and with those standing up in support of Black lives in communities around the world.

Inaction perpetuates white supremacy. To end systemic racism we must dismantle the tools of oppression, including violence against Black lives, voter suppression, and economic inequality rooted in and perpetuated through generational discrimination and racism.

Brocade radically imagines a just society.

Spotlight Project
Washington, D.C. | Interpretive Planning

Visitors to Washington, D.C. are faced with a near-overwhelming multitude of experiences, tours, museums, and collections. The National Archives offers something a bit different — an engagement with specifically-American documents that offer an almost geological view of American history. Brocade is proud to be partnering with the National Archives Foundation to bring interpretive planning expertise to a broader team working to redesign and upgrade the Archives' permanent exhibition space, theater, and learning center. Our goal is for the Archives to strongly distinguish itself as a trusted site and resource that thinks creatively about American history and how all of us can contribute and connect to it.

strategic planning for the
Mississippi Museum of Art

Through a process of organizational introspection, Brocade worked with the Museum to consider how the values that guide the museum’s work to promote dialogue around race and identity might fit into, and inform, the work of the museum as a whole.

strategic planning for the
Legal Aid Justice Center

Committed to an approach that would engage and galvanize their staff, board and community partners, Brocade led LAJC though a robust and collaborative rethinking of their identity, goals, governance, community relationships.

facilitation for the
U.S. Department of
Health and Human Services

In a natural disaster, the Department coordinates emergency medical care, meeting its mission despite unclear and outdated processes. To identify process pain points and collaboratively consider ways to improve, Brocade facilitated a multi-day design sprint for frontline responders and their managers.

facilitation for
Boston Public Schools
Responsible for the learning of over 50,000 students, BPS is known nationally for their data-driven approaches. Brocade worked with the district's Office of Data and Accountability to deepen their understanding of user-centered design, and build their user testing skills.

interpretative planning for the
August Wilson House
The childhood home of Pulitzer-Prize-winning American playwright August Wilson will soon become an arts center, performance venue, and house of history. August Wilson House chose Brocade Studio to guide the interpretive planning. Inspired by Wilson’s non-traditional education in Pittsburgh's Hill District, the Brocade team is mining the goodwill and rich tradition of the arts in Pittsburgh to imagine the visitor and user experience.

site interpretation for the
American Civil War Museum
Aiming to shatter conventional views of the conflict, Brocade partner Madge Bemiss was engaged by the new Museum to lead the architectural programming and help develop the interpretive plan.

analytics for
Legal Services Corporation of Virginia
Looking to rigorously understand the disparities in legal outcomes for each of their client communities, Virginia's statewide legal services provider retained Brocade to dive deep into their historical data. Through a rigorous analysis of quantitative and qualitative data, we identified specific areas to target for improvement as a part of a statewide diversity, equity, and inclusion action plan.

Brocade proved instrumental at the both the strategic and tactical levels.
They organized our initiative's big ideas, and helped to bring the planning to life."

- Adam Kenney, Director of the Creative Business Accelerator at Bridgeway Capital

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