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Through a series of qualitative research and facilitation techniques drawn from design, anthropology, marketing, and other disciplines, the Brocade team digs deep to understand what's at the core of your users' needs, wants, and experiences.

We then synthesize these learnings and translate them into actionable steps. Often, we're involved crafting the strategy that flows from these insights.

It starts with a clear purpose.
What are you hoping to learn, and why? Who are you hoping to learn from?

We then propose a set of user research methods, as part of a tailored plan.
How will we unearth what you're hoping to learn? Through which inventive methods?

Our learnings are synthesized in a research report and presentation, and translated into actionable steps.
What did we learn from engaging your users? What was surprising and revealing? What does that mean for your goals and approach, or for your program or product? And, what are the next steps?

what our user research engagements look like
Craft Business Accelerator
While this accelerator had found success in facilitating over $1.5 million in transactions for 100+ creative businesses, they wanted to know why hiring hadn't increased significantly. Brocade conducted in-depth interviews, and interactive group sessions, with dozens of businesses - diving into how business owners approach hiring. What was learned has reshaped the accelerator's approach to workforce development.

Allegheny County Economic Development
Looking to create one of the first online portals for economic development in the country, this County engaged Brocade to better understand the experience, needs, and pain points of community development professionals. The County used the resulting report to a proposal for a developer, who is now using the insights gleaned to build and refine the portal.

City of Glendale, CA
Brocade also trains others on how to conduct user research within their organization. Working with the City of Glendale, Brocade trained 40 City employees to improve their work by listening to and learning from internal and external users (other employees and citizens).

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